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Super Bowl XLII Week- New England vs New York

Monday, January 28th 2008

Super Bowl time!!!

I guess Tom Brady is ok after coming out and holding a rally for all the Patriots fans. This is going to be a good game in which I think the Patriots will win. Brady should pass for at least 270 yards and 2 TDs and Moss will have a breakout game when it counts. For the Giants, I think Eli Manning will struggle against the Patriots great front 7. The Patriots should blitz throughout the game to disturb Manning. As for the running games, Laurence Maroney should play fairly good around 50-75 yards and maybe a TD. The Giants duo of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw will have to carry the load for the Giants, and will keep the game close.

What the Giants need to do to win:
  • Stop the Patriots stellar passing game
  • Run the ball consistently
  • Make sure Eli Manning doesn't start out struggling

What the Patriots need to do to win:
  • Get the receivers going with some short slant routes
  • Try to work the ball to the playmakers- Brady, Moss, Welker
  • Stuff the Giants run game
  • Pressure Eli throughout the game.

My Pick: Patriots 35-24. Eli will have 2 or more INTs...
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AFC Championship- Patriots 21, Chargers 12

Game Summary

Holy cow.

I know the Patriots won and all but their performance was disappointing. I was expecting Randy Moss to have a breakout game and he was held to 1 catch for 18 yards for the second time. Also, Tom Brady did not have a great game even though he had 2 TDs, he had 3 INTs. However, the defense held the Chargers to 4 FGs on good drives that could have resulted in TDs. Quite a game...

Check back Super Bowl week for my predictions!
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NFL Playoffs- Chargers @ Patriots

Chargers @ Patriots

How about dem Patriots?

After a 31-20 routing on Saturday, they look ahead to a game against the San Diego Chargers who may be without starting QB Phillip Rivers. Rivers is listed as questionable for the game which will be in Foxborough at the Patriots home field.

My Stand: I think the Patriots will win this by a blowout if the Chargers can't
  • Get LT going on the ground
  • Get Volek (or Rivers) off to a good start

Prediction: Patriots 42-24
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